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Long Live The Bunt

The Academy Is Pleased

Revisiting Steven Kwan’s Hidden Power

There is always growth in self-reflection, up to a point.

What is the point of baseball writing?

I guess I haven’t thought about it in a while.

A note from the front while awaiting news of anything resembling a baseball thing at all

Happy Christmas, Harricar

Instead of dance

Danny Kaye rules

I am not thankful for the following things

Time to ramp up offseason mode

Somehow, I cared about the Peoria Javelinas

MLB is doing something right

Philosophical Bunting Vol. VI

Zhuge Liang led Shu Han to a division title in 221 AD with clever stratagems and a lot of fire.

Unraveling chaos

Sometimes. But then, other times. Meanwhile,

Box scores to blogs

"A guy I met in Winter Haven said Wright throws harder than Pedro"